Co-Op Program

High School Co-op Program

We offer an exciting opportunity for high school students to get to work in a ‘virtual’ business environment.  And get a ‘hands on’ feel for working in a business / office work placement.

We are a business consulting company.  We run several websites, and do projects for clients both as one time tasks as well as ongoing jobs.

This is a ‘virtual’ placement.  And the student will need to have access to a computer and internet.  We have an online office set up, where everyone collaborates thru a team group chat, we do online meetings etc.  Lots of learning opportunities.

Though this is a business placement at its core, we do look for students that have a variety of skills to compliment those business skills.  For example; Creative and Design skills come in handy for creating art work for ads and promos, as well as video reels for social media posts.

We have had co-op students in the past with great success from a variety of school boards, such as; Halton Catholic School Board, Halton Public School Board, Hamilton Wentworth School Board, Ottawa Public School Board, London Public School Board, Kitchener/Waterloo School Board, Peel Public School Board and Toronto Public School Board.  We can provide references from previous co-op teachers.


Co-Op students will work in an online office environment, and be given tasks such as:

1. Responding to client Emails
2. Updating website content
3. Running social media accounts for our clients (instagram, facebook pages, tik tok)
4. Writing blog entries for a website
5. Data Entry and Data Management with MS Excel/spreadsheets
6. advertising/posting on kijiji, facebook
7. Learning how to manage Facebook Groups
8. Customer Support for clients

Skills that will be used and cultivated:

  • Using the internet… for good.
  • Facebook, learning more in depth about how it works as a tool
  • Social Media Marketing – getting more likes, more followers, posting strategies
  • Working with spreadsheets…. a lot of them.  Using them to manage data and lists.
  • Dealing with clients.  Learning how to respond to clients, and write proper email responses
  • Prospecting using LinkedIn
  • Problem Solving
  • Competitor Research
  • Updating web content – using WordPress  (this will be taught)
  • Collaborating with a team in an virtual environment.  Using online tools to bring everyone together, share files, and working with an online white board etc.


Our Co-Op students will hone a variety of skills.  This is position is very heavy on computer use.  So students will learn to use the computer as a tool, not a toy.  They will learn the importance of a computer over a smart phone.  They will learn to get comfortable with spreadsheets (excel), as well as get comfortable using MS Word, and a variety of MS Office programs.  They will learn how to use the OneDrive cloud to collaborate on files with the rest of the team.  They will learn how to integrate the use of an instant messaging system into the workplace.  How to use it to communicate, to exchange ideas and share files.  Students will learn how to use Trello, an online white board system that uses the Kanban Methodology, which is a procedure and management system developed by Toyota.  It uses a ‘card’ system to assign tasks to team members and to tie the whole team together into a bigger process.  Students will also learn and improve on communication skills, as they learn to write emails properly and respond to clients.  By the end of the semester students will have been exposed to several problem solving situations.  They will have been tasked with making decisions, and giving instructions to team members.


About Us

About Us

We specialize in all aspects of business development and marketing; this includes design and development of websites, graphic arts, eBusiness solutions, multimedia & video production.

We work with a variety of companies and on a variety of projects, ranging from Marketing Plans, Branding, Web Design, Business Plans, Business Proposals, Competitor Research, and Job Recruitment for clients.

We offer customized business development; this includes business start ups, marketing plans, business plans, competitor analysis and everything related to starting your business or taking it to the next level.

Customized marketing consultancy made to fit the needs and budget of your business.

Customized branding and marketing consultancy to further strengthen your growing enterprise.

Our team can help you structure and plan your business to get a competitive edge.

Your ONE stop for all your multimedia needs: Video Production, Web Design & Graphic Design.